Client     ····· The Royal Swedish Opera
Assignment ····· Virtual Reality VFX
Date       ····· 2018
Language   ····· English

Producer: Snövit Hedstierna
Role: Lead

Length of intro: 2:30 min 

Comp, motion graphics, assets and VR consulting.

“Epithet is a 2h long VR-feature film based on the format of the sharing circle, an ongoing research tool that invites groups of queer, transgender, and non-binary people to come together and share experiences.

Using VR technology, Epithet invites the viewer into a re-enactment of a circle from the perspective of one of the participants. Sitting together in a disused swimming pool, the group shares their experiences, highlighting issues of misogyny, transphobia, and sexual violence.

By placing the viewer inside the event, the piece explores how empathy and compassion can emerge through a greater understanding of other people’s positions.“